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Programs and Results

What We Aim to Solve

The Greer Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to leadership, innovation, youth engagement and entrepreneurship via its 21st Century Leadership Model™.


The Greer Institute advocates the new leadership and innovation model that successful leaders need to adopt in order to accelerate business success.


It is focused on four research areas:

  1. Workforce and Talent Management

  2. Harnessing of Disruptive Technologies

  3. Creation of an Innovation Engine and Culture

  4. Fellowship Program


Our Programs

Eleanor Dee Greer Scholarship program

This program provides student pursuing STEM educational monetary assistance to support their educational development.

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Engineering and Financial Literacy Program

The program provides faculty, engineers and students a meaningful and practical way of learning new financial approaches, methods and tools so as to influence and improve the ability to obtain and successfully execute engineering and applied research projects.


In addition, it provides the donor organization an opportunity to promote their financial services and accounting capabilities, market their leadership and innovation initiatives focused on workforce and talent management and provide brand recognition with faculty and students.

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Leadership Development and Stretch Goals Program

This program is an opportunity for students to participate in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) practical instructive experience with the goal to provide participants an in-depth view into current and modern STEM subjects and activities so as to promote the interest of STEM fields at their schools.


Students will take part in learning how to develop a STEM career, developing skills at school that will translate to work, interactive mentoring and coaching sessions, resume building sessions, and how to obtain security clearances

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Data Science Literacy Program

This program provides data literacy training to improve safe use and understanding of data. It details the legal, ethical and societal implications associated with data sharing.

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