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The Greer Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to accelerating the maturation of new leaders and inspiring of future innovators through the 21st Century Leadership and Innovation Model™. 

The Greer Institute is organized for educational research and scientific application of Managing Director Melvin Greer’s theories on leadership and innovation. Its programs accelerate the maturation of today’s leaders and inspires future innovators.


The Greer Institute conducts ongoing research and then promotes significant ideas to policymakers and other stakeholders to drive change.

The Greer Institute advocates a modern leadership and innovation model that successful leaders need to adopt in order to accelerate business growth.

Workforce and Talent Management

The Workforce and Talent Management Research Area at the Greer Institute examines today’s workforce expectations through the lens of leadership and innovation. Its research aims to transform monolithic, factory-model systems into modern designs that engage the workforce successfully and drive innovation into the talent experience.

Creation of an Innovation Engine and Culture

Harnessing of Disruptive Technologies

The Harnessing of Disruptive Technologies Research Area at the Greer Institute examines the four disruptive innovations of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data analytics, and social business through the lens of leadership and innovation. 


The Greer Institute has developed the Leadership and Technology Initiative (LTI) to support accomplished leaders and technologists in successfully transitioning from their longstanding careers toward purposeful next chapters.

The Innovation Engine and Culture Research Area at the Greer Institute examines the role leader and innovators play in the development and education of future leaders. Its research describes how an effective innovation culture leads to an increase and steady flow of capable innovative leaders.

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