The Greer Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through the 21st Century Leadership and Innovation Model™. 

The Greer Institute is organized for educational research and scientific application of Managing Director Melvin Greer’s theories on leadership and innovation. Its programs accelerate the maturation of today’s leaders and inspires future innovators. The Greer Institute conducts ongoing research and then promotes significant ideas to policymakers and other stakeholders to drive change.

The Greer Institute advocates the new leadership and innovation model that successful leaders need to adopt in order to accelerate business success. It is focused on three research areas: (1) workforce and talent management (2)  harnessing of disruptive technologies (3)  creation of an innovation engine and culture

Specialties: Workforce and Talent Management, Harnessing of Disruptive Technologies, Generating an Innovation Engine and Culture